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Hi, I'm Sam Birmingham. I love startups, innovation and challenging the status quo.

For the vast majority of my years, economies have grown, companies have profited and people have got richer on the back of a once-in-a-lifetime demographic shift and debt-fuelled boom. Those days are through.

Economies must evolve beyond rampant consumerism and confront the demographic headwind that had been a tailwind until the Baby Boomers began retiring. Companies must become nimble, innovate and invent new products to address customers' ever-changing needs in this digitally-disrupted world. And as people, we must focus on solving problems and learn to do more with less.

These are the challenges that excite me. They are what I want to get out of bed each morning and be a part of. This is where I share my thoughts.


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This is the best thing I’ve seen all week:

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy on dealing with failure

"I was really a failure. Like, really really really, really, really really really a failure… Not even an epic failure, just sort of like a sad, pathetic failure.

A real epic failure you can get behind. Like ‘I tried this big thing, and it failed, and I lost everything’. No, I just kind of frittered my years away doing nothing…

I didn’t take responsibility for much. I kind of just felt bad for myself and wondered why my life wasn’t better and stuff like that…”

(Eventually) I started realising that - it wasn’t because I was lazy - I was just really afraid of failing… I was claiming safety in doing nothing.”

Confrontingly honest and refreshing humble.

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